What We Do:

Known Presence makes customer tracking solutions for retailers to use in their physical stores. Real-time tracking solutions can be integrated with that store's operations to provide presence-aware shopping experiences to individuals.

The information we create is for the internal use and benefit of our retailing customers. Excepting the operational requirements of our networks and services, we neither accumulate nor traffic data capable of personally identifying unwitting consumers to a party unrelated to those individual consumers.

Known Presence supports efforts to protect consumers by leaving them in control and aware of their privacy decisions. We believe in respecting the privacy of consumers, casual shoppers, customers, a vendor's delivery or security personnel, and employees.


We use consumer-grade mobile phones, enterprise networks and the Internet to delight a retailer's customers with personally relevant experiences. Enterprise applications can include, for example:

  • Operations: Foot traffic measurement and data
  • Loss Prevention: Persons-of-interest management
  • Digital Signage: Presence-aware media
  • Sales: Personalized customer experiences
  • Management: Servicing important customer relationships

Known Presence is part of OneVideo Technology Corporation which is incorporated in the State of Delaware, United States of America.