Known Presence — Our Perspective

"Analyses and rigor are essential tools for managers and leaders in modern business dealings with the public.
If well-organized, responsive to judgement, and carefully applied, data can become information worthy of use in serving customers.
Making and delivering those kinds of information at the right time and place is our life's work."

Our Experience

Known Presence's perspective comes from years of first-hand experience in retail sales, marketing, quantitative methods, and telecommunications networks.

Principals here see an optimistic world of possibilities for how retailers with physical stores can both compete more effectively and generate higher profits. We see possibilities for hospitality and travel companies to become still more time efficient, relevant, and graceful in dealings with and serving customers.

We work to make opportunities for step improvements in our customers' operating businesses.

Our Solutions

Our Known Network Service is powered by practical insights into both the fundamentals and key trends in consumer behavior, retail profitability, and technologies.

With Known, companies in Retail and Hospitality & Travel industries can most respectfully assure consumer privacy, track customers' cell phones, and more effectively focus the attention of their employees on what each good customer needs in the moment.