Known Presence On Privacy

"Companies must be responsible corporate citizens"
John H. Filer, former Chairman of Aetna Life & Casualty
Customer Relationships Care and protection of consumer information collected as part of serving the public has always been good business regardless of what lesser standards are required by statute. Our customers have privacy and proprietary rights to information, that we are also dedicated to upholding.
Supplier Relationships No vendor has a reasonable expectation, claim, or right to information about their customers' customers. That applies as much to shopping mall operators unilaterally collecting information about their tenants' customers as it does to consultants and contractors with proprietary access to their clients' inner workings. The trusts essential to the primary relationship ought not be violated in less formal arrangements that derive from the first.
Third Party Relationships Known Presence does not independently repurpose or transfer information received from Consumers or Customers ("original data") for disclosure to third parties. Quantitative analytic services that make use of such original data to derive information aggregates do so only to the extent permitted by Customers. Information resulting from such an analytic service does not include the original data and, if presented to a third party, does not include identification of or attribution to instances of original data. Known Presence is keenly aware that data considered personally unidentifiable can be combined with data obtained from other sources or assist a third party in obtaining individually identifying information. Our business practice is to guard against such combinations coming to fruition by virtue of data entrusted to Known Presence. Our management will appreciate being informed of a breach that has or could possibly compromise our intended protection of consumer privacy rights in original data.